The Fresh Yogourt Dispenser is a unique innovation that serves fresh and customizable yogourt parfaits, designed to excite your customers and boost your profits!

Features & Benefits

  • Refrigerated dispenser ensures yogourt stays fresh longer.
  • Easy-to-use design reduces operational complexity.
  • Serves fresh and creamy yogourt with the touch of a button.
  • Yogourt portioned from a hygienic, proprietary bag for optimal food safety.
  • Portion controlled system reduces waste and labour costs.

Our delicious Astro Yogourt

(Riverview product number: 9809)

Enjoy fresh, creamy and delicious ASTRO 1.5% French Vanilla yogourt at the touch of a button! It’s best when teamed up with fresh fruits, granola and nuts for a healthy snacking or breakfast alternative. It can also be a great dessert option topped with chocolate chips and candies.